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A Fair Price (Write with Me #3)

The moon broke through the clouds and the four of them stood there, frozen, waiting for something to happen. They were in the middle of an open field, and it was as if a spotlight had been trained on them.

A House Divided

The Steward nodded to the Chatelaine. “The Baron requests that his wife call upon him at her earliest convenience.”
The Chatelaine curtsied in reply. “The Baroness informs her husband she is unwell, and declines his request. He may, however, call upon her tomorrow, when she has recovered.”


Over the hiss of milk being steamed, and the rustling of paper coverings stripped from straws, I think; I can’t…

Haunted House

She’d never truly noticed it, not until she heard its voice. Heard it call to her, a cacophony of noise,…

The Opera Glasses

There was the unmistakable thwack of a harshly closed fan.
“You’re in my seat,” said Miss Lacey.
“Is that so?” replied Mr Kimble.

The sequel to Baklava


Monica had been in the bathroom for close to an hour. Her hands were red raw from the cheap nightclub soap. The girl in the red dress had already been to the toilet twice, but Monica had soaped, washed, rinsed and dried her hands a hundred times between her visits.