Review Policy

Please read the following information carefully before requesting a review from me. This will guarantee a quick and positive response.

I am happy to read books from traditional publishing and self-published authors, in either print or Kindle format.

I will accept any type of fiction books, but I prefer fantasy or sci-fi. Young adult is acceptable. I also accept non-fiction books if they fall into the categories of popular science or popular natural history. Please email for clarification if you are unsure.

I will post the review here on my blog , Goodreads and Amazon. I can also post on other consumer sites, as long as it does not require creating an account.

I will also feature the book on my Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, in order for me to feature a book on these platforms, it needs to be a print book with a final or near-final cover.

I am happy to participate in blog tours or release day blasts. Just let me know when the review should be published, and if I need to comment or share links by other bloggers. If you would like me to review a book as part of a blog tour or release day blast, please give me plenty of notice (1 month or more).

I will accept financial incentives to ensure a book is reviewed on time (as reimbursement for time spent reading and writing the review), but this will not guarantee a positive review.

The content of my review is non-negotiable and will not be revised unless I have written something factually incorrect. All my reviews will be honest, unbiased and balanced, but may not be positive. I may focus on aspects of the characters, the plots, the writing style or all of these.

So, to contact me regarding a review, please email  with REVIEW REQUEST as the prefix to the subject line.