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If Mists Over Newbroke Was A Movie…

Today is the release day of Mists Over Newbroke, my first foray into the Gothic genre.

And I thought I would answer that age old question – what if it was a movie?

Honestly, I don’t really see it has a movie. I think it would work well as a 3-part drama on the BBC (hint, hint). But either way, I would definitely see the following people in the roles:

Katherine “Kat” Tilsley – Eleanor Tomlinson:

Photo Credit: David William Edwards via IMDB

Photo Credit: David William Edwards via IMDB

Tomlinson has a strong record of period dramas (The White Queen, Poldark), and strong women under her belt. I think she’d be perfect for Kat, as she can do nice, and snobby (which Kat is a little, let’s be honest) and her turn in Jack the Giant Slayer proved she’s happy with a bit of leaping about and stunt work.





Emily Jane Allsopp – Catrin Stewart:



She did an excellent job in Dr. Who as Jenny Flint, and she’s got the cockney accent down.







Mr. Beachcombe and Mrs. Ridgeley – James Fleet and Rebecca Front:

Photo Credit: BBC

Photo Credit: BBC

As soon as I saw this photograph from Death Comes to Pemberly, I knew that these two would fit the bill. Mr Beachcombe and Mrs Ridgeley was never conceived as comic characters, comedy being where these two actors cut their teeth, but I think it would work. But both these actors definitely have the range to go to the darker sides of the characters we see as things progress.


Lord Darnley Newbroke – Aidan Turner:



Lord Darnley does have somewhat of a Poldark vibe, and Turner proved he has chemistry with Eleanor Tomlinson. Unfortunately, he’ll have to keep his shirt on for this one. It might be Regency era, but there are no duck ponds – that you can swim in anyway.





Jack “Lack” Wilkins – Douglas Booth:

There’s a reason I picked Booth for this role, and it’s a secret. You’ll have to read the book to find out, and then you’ll see why. The second reason is that he does disreputable and emotional quite well, which sums up Jack nicely. Second choice is Freddie Stroma, if he’s prepared to die his hair black.

Miss Fothering – Maria Doyle Kennedy:

Rebecca Front would be perfect for this role as well, but if she’s playing Ridgeley in this dream production, there can be no doubling of roles. I absolutely adore Maria Doyle Kennedy, I think she’s one of Ireland’s greatest actresses, and it would be a shame not to find a part for her. Miss Fothering’s screen time amounts to about five minutes, but she would absolutely play the part of the very proper, very excitable and very severe Miss Fothering to perfection. It would take about a day to shoot, so I’m sure she’d be able to fit it into her schedule.

Miss Wilkins – Rebecca Ferguson:

I was wowed by her performance in The White Queen, and she’s just the right age and hair colour. Miss Wilkins is also a very minor character, but she plays a very important role in helping Kat unravel the mystery of the strange town. The character is a little disturbed after an incident in her past, so I think switching from nice and friendly to a little bit distant and confused would be well within Ferguson’s abilities.

Other roles:

For Ambrose, the mysterious child at the centre of the story, I don’t really have an idea who would play him. I’d imagine that it would be a lengthy audition process to find someone capable of both the playfulness, then the gravity and finally the terrified nature of the role. The child would probably have to be older than Ambrose’s five years.

It’s actually quite a contained drama, so the only other named roles, bar the background talent, are Reverend Webb, Sir Hugh, Thomasina Brown, and maybe the gypsy woman. I would be quite happy with an open casting call, but it would also be nice to see some familiar screen faces drop by.

Location – Castell Coch, Wales:

I think it should definitely be shot on location. Castell Coch was the exterior of Cackle’s Academy, the school for witches which occupies a special place in my heart. It would require some careful editing, as Castell Coch does not have the complex ornamental gardens of Newbroke Hall, but it could be done to give the impression that they are one in the same location.

For more ideas about the characters and the locations, see my inspirational Pinterest board:

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