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Recipe for Disaster (Write with Me #2)

Prompt: I like helping Pop in the bakery. He says cooking is an art, but baking is a science. On one really hot day, he put ice into the big bread mixer so the dough would come out warm but not too warm. He used a formula to figure that out, and he has other formulas too, things like…

…the perfect amount of icing sugar to use to make the white icing run down the side of the cake like lava, or the right amount of henbane to keep Trickster Demons away.

You see, Pop’s bakery isn’t like any other out there. It isn’t all just granary loafs and artisan cupcakes. It’s the last line of defence against an evil that would swallow us all. Not bad for a small business.

My family have always been bakers, right back to the Old Country. We had another job there too – keeping out the things that lurked in the night, things that would snatch up an unsuspecting goat or virgin. Things that could take human form and masquerade as nobility, or your next-door neighbour.

We came to the New Country in 1929. We thought we’d left all that behind. But the evil took ship too, encased in big, square boxes of grave dirt. It was right beside us when we landed at immigration.

So, when we took up baking, we also took up our other work too. We sold pies and anti-hexes in 2 for 1 specials. We catered weddings and patrolled funerals, to make sure the dead wouldn’t rise again.

I’ve been Pop’s apprentice for three years. I’ve learnt all his formulas, mystical and mundane. I know how much butter to use when making flaky pastry, and I know that red brick dust is more effective than white salt for warding, but either will do in a pinch.

But things are changing. The dark is rising again, feeding on fear and hatred among the humans. The business is hurting too, without an online presence. If there’s a formula to increase sales and keep demons at bay, now would be the time to tell me.

Watch me write this:

photo credit: marcoverch Aufnahme einer typischen Backszene aus der Vogelperspektive: Mehl und weitere Zutaten via photopin (license)

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