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The Void by J.D. Horn – Review

The Void (Witching Savannah, #3)The Void by J.D. Horn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just when she thought the battles could be over, it is time for Mercy to face her greatest threat. But which of the many coming her way will earn that mantle? Still set in the historic heat of Savannah, Mercy will finally come to understand exactly who she is – at a price, of course.

Loved it, and I’m a little disappointed that this is the last book in the trilogy (the next book is a prequel focusing on another character). I had a tiny issue with the ending, because it was so powerful and then to flip flop on it seemed a case of having it and eating it. If I had been the editor, I would have advised against that, because it would be a good opener for a sequel if Horn chooses to continue.

Again, it suffers from a few of the problems of the earlier books – clunky prose in parts, trying to put too much in, unnecessary characters and an a strange obsession with listing what the heroine is wearing – but this is all much improved from the beginning. There was also a few important events skipped over in a line but then pages given to very little.

I loved the return of Gudrun, who had been waiting on since reading the first one. Little disappointed that we didn’t get to see her mentor Mercy for a bit, that would have been nice.

It was a book of returning characters, so some I could have done without but one was good, another totally unexpected and we finally got the insight I was hoping for. The Kabbalah was a nice touch, the author obviously puts so much work into research.

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