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Heartless by Marissa Meyer - Review | Kieran Higgins

Review – Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Heartless is the story of how Catherine, the daughter of the Marquess of Rock Turtle Cove became the Queen of Hearts, the pantomime villain from Alice in Wonderland. The problem with retellings is the fact that we often know how the story will end, so the journey must be an enjoyable one to get us to our destination. Meyer pulls it off perfectly in Heartless – it’s got a tough protagonist, a forbidden romance and all the weirdness of Wonderland to get us to our heartbreaking and strangely satisfying ending.

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Three Dark Crowns - Review | Kieran Higgins

Three Dark Crowns – Review

The best book I’ve read in a long time. I was gripped immediately from the start and had to see the story through to the end. Let’s start with the actual physical book – the cover was beautiful, with each of the three crowns detailing the three queens to perfection, and the rough edges created the impression that book had washed up from the island of Fennbirn, ready to spill its dark secrets to me.

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