Arthurian & The Forgotten Sister

The Forgotten Sister by Kieran Higgins

My first podcast interview!

Here I talk about inspiration, character development and future work. And proof that two people who aren’t friends and family liked my book! I had so much fun with Dame Leslie & Sir Blackwood talking King Arthur. If you’re a fan of the myths, I would urge you to subscirbe on libsyn or on iTunes.You can also listen here on Itunes.

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If My Book Was a Movie | Kieran Higgins

If The Forgotten Sister Was A Movie…

A question a lot of writers get asked is “If your book was a movie, who would play…” etc. And most writers have an answer to hand since we often compare the appearance of our characters to actors and actresses when writing characters. And any author that tells you they’ve never thought of it, they’re lying. Like me, they’re probably sitting by the phone of an evening waiting for Spielberg’s phone call. Personally, I see The Forgotten Sister as a TV show, with the sprawling storylines and vividness of Game of Thrones, mixed with the fun, punchy writing of something like Reign. But if The Forgotten Sister ever graced the big screen, here’s my dream cast, writers, director, costume designer and locations.

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